Nokia patents granted on 01 June 2010

13 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D616,875 Handset
2 7,730,294 System for geographically distributed virtual routing
3 7,730,168 Method and apparatus for assigning packet addresses to a plurality of devices
4 7,729,702 Method and apparatus for combining macrodiversity spread code signals
5 7,729,700 Vertical network handovers
6 7,729,385 Techniques for utilization of spare bandwidth
7 7,729,355 Handling a request to establish a packet switched session
8 7,729,350 Virtual multicast routing for a cluster having state synchronization
9 7,729,301 Filtering of electronic information to be transferred to a terminal
10 7,729,236 Use of timing information for handling aggregated frames in a wireless network
11 7,728,844 Restoration of color components in an image model
12 7,728,818 Method, device computer program and graphical user interface for user input of an electronic device
13 7,728,785 Loop antenna with a parasitic radiator