Nokia patents granted on 01 November 2016

15 US patents granted on 01 November 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,485,709 Deterministic user equipment barring
2 9,485,673 Method and apparatus for coordinating information request messages over an ad-hoc mesh network
3 9,485,630 Methods and devices for enabling reception of a specific service for terminals in idle mode
4 9,485,607 Enhancing the security of short-range communication in connection with an access control device
5 9,485,485 Remote control of apparatus with media player
6 9,485,246 Distributed authentication with data cloud
7 9,485,232 User equipment credential system
8 9,485,044 Method and apparatus of announcing sessions transmitted through a network
9 9,485,023 Communication system, main unit, radio access unit and communication method
10 9,484,874 Input amplitude modulated outphasing with an unmatched combiner
11 9,484,633 Loop antenna having a parasitically coupled element
12 9,484,621 Portable electronic device body having laser perforation apertures and associated fabrication method
13 9,483,776 Wireless electronic couponing technique
14 9,483,225 Method, apparatus and computer program product for joining the displays of multiple devices
15 9,483,117 Apparatus, method and computer program for controlling a near-eye display