Nokia patents granted on 01 September 2009

20 US patents granted on 01 September 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D599,338 Handset camera
2 D599,337 Front cover for a handset
3 D599,336 Set of key buttons for a handset
4 D599,335 Set of keys for a handset
5 D599,319 Handset
6 7,584,495 Redundant stream alignment in IP datacasting over DVB-H
7 7,584,429 Method and device for operating a user-input area on an electronic display device
8 7,584,244 System, method and computer program product for providing content to a terminal
9 7,584,096 Method and apparatus for encoding speech
10 7,583,969 Method of communication
11 7,583,963 User registration in a communication system
12 7,583,844 Method, device, and system for processing of still images in the compressed domain
13 7,583,825 Mobile communications terminal and method
14 7,583,801 Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for distributing service information and digital rights for broadcast data
15 7,583,766 System, and associated method, for utilizing block BLAST with PPIC in a MIMO multicode MC-CDMA system
16 7,583,745 Exploiting selection diversity in communications systems with non-orthonormal matrix and vector modulation
17 7,583,723 Method and apparatus providing an advanced MIMO receiver that includes a signal-plus-residual interference (SPRI) detector
18 7,583,695 Hardware arrangement, terminal, and method for transferring audio signal in packet-switched communications network
19 7,583,680 Method and arrangement for transmitting information between subsystems in hybrid cellular telecommunication systems
20 7,583,647 Controller for controlling number of requests served by a server