Nokia patents granted on 01 September 2015

21 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,125,239 Circuit switched domain services with long term evolution/system architecture evolution access
2 9,125,221 Method and apparatus for allocating radio resources in cellular communications network
3 9,125,148 Method and apparatus for enabling provision of routing information and network selection information to one or more devices
4 9,125,113 Device mobility based scanning period control
5 9,125,005 Method and apparatus for providing mobile services outside of cellular coverage
6 9,124,977 Apparatus for use in portable devices
7 9,124,907 Picture buffering method
8 9,124,795 Method and apparatus for obtaining an image associated with a location of a mobile terminal
9 9,124,715 Mobile user apparatus and a mobile accessory apparatus for the mobile user apparatus
10 9,124,556 Method and apparatus for providing identity based encryption in distributed computations
11 9,124,480 Method and apparatus for spectrum sensing
12 9,124,425 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for ciphering error detection and recovery
13 9,124,303 Apparatus and method for near field communication
14 9,123,078 Method and apparatus for socially aware applications and application stores
15 9,122,707 Method and apparatus for providing a localized virtual reality environment
16 9,122,702 Method and apparatus for providing location trajectory compression based on map structure
17 9,122,693 Method and apparatus for determining contextually relevant geographical locations
18 9,122,532 Method and apparatus for executing code in a distributed storage platform
19 9,122,370 Unlocking a touchscreen device
20 9,122,249 Multi-segment wearable accessory
21 9,120,187 Multilayer 3D glass window with embedded functions