Nokia patents granted on 02 April 2013

20 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Nokia

1 D679,269 Handset
2 D679,262 Handset
3 8,413,168 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing an event scheme for context models
4 8,412,287 Power saving support for wireless networks
5 8,412,268 Detection, identification and operation of pheripherals connected via an audio/video-plug to an electronic device
6 8,412,247 Method for generating a coexistence value to define fair resource share between secondary networks
7 8,412,187 Broadcast roaming
8 8,412,185 Method and apparatus for switching devices using near field communication
9 8,412,170 Apparatus for a receiving party
10 8,412,108 Apparatus, methods and computer programs
11 8,411,958 Apparatus and method for handwriting recognition
12 8,411,757 Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a compressed motion vector field utilizing predictive motion coding
13 8,411,737 Transmission of physical layer signaling in a broadcast system
14 8,411,645 Method, system, apparatus and software product for combination of uplink dedicated physical control channel gating and enhanced uplink dedicated channel to improve capacity
15 8,411,632 Transmission protection scheme
16 8,411,628 Reducing keep-alive messages in connection with element traversal by relay mechanism
17 8,411,627 Method and apparatus for providing control channels for broadcast and paging services
18 8,411,625 Variable coding length for resource allocation
19 8,410,908 Method and device for emulating multiple RFID tags within a single mobile electronic device
20 8,409,866 Apparatus and associated methods