Nokia patents granted on 02 December 2014

18 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,904,454 Method and arrangement for storing and playing back TV programmes
2 8,904,315 Circuit arrangements and associated apparatus and methods
3 8,904,311 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing a variable content movable control
4 8,904,016 Method and apparatus for selecting network services
5 8,904,001 Service access
6 8,903,862 Apparatus, method and computer program product for processing resource description framework statements
7 8,903,820 Method, system and computer program to enable querying of resources in a certain context by definition of SIP even package
8 8,903,419 Optimization on network assisted proximity services discovery management
9 8,903,386 MME name in MAP Insert Subscriber Data operation
10 8,903,384 Method and apparatus for determining a time interval at an access node for radio measurements
11 8,903,369 Methods and apparatus for interference management
12 8,903,323 Methods, apparatuses, system, and related computer program product for reference signaling
13 8,903,022 Dual channel reception
14 8,902,874 Sounding channel apparatus and method
15 8,902,839 Service/mobility domain with handover for private short-range wireless networks
16 8,902,817 Method, mobile station, base station and computer program product to control the activation of a wireless carrier
17 8,902,770 Carrier indicator field usage and configuration in carrier aggregation
18 8,902,180 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for enabling use of remote devices with pre-defined gestures