Nokia patents granted on 02 March 2010

18 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D611,041 Handset
2 D611,021 Handset
3 7,673,007 Web services push gateway
4 7,672,978 Handling of content in a data processing device
5 7,672,850 Method for arranging voice feedback to a digital wireless terminal device and corresponding terminal device, server and software to implement the method
6 7,672,693 Controlling method, secondary unit and radio terminal equipment
7 7,672,690 Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating system selection in a multi-network radio communication system
8 7,672,662 Method and system for multimedia tags
9 7,672,642 Uplink communication in GSM/EDGE system
10 7,672,589 Method and polarization-multiplex system for reducing the signal degradation of an optical polarization-multiplex signal
11 7,672,327 Method for providing multicast and/or broadcast services to user terminals
12 7,672,317 Method, system, and devices for transmitting information between a user equipment and an IP packet gateway
13 7,672,312 Connection release in a two-layer communication network
14 7,672,308 Admission control for data connections
15 7,672,288 Arrangement for secure communication and key distribution in a telecommunication system
16 7,672,263 Adaptive power save mode for short-range wireless terminals
17 7,671,857 Three dimensional image processing
18 7,671,836 Cell phone with shiftable keypad