Nokia patents granted on 03 February 2009

20 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D585,886 Front cover for a handset
2 D585,885 Keypad for a handset
3 D585,880 Connector ring for a headset
4 D585,868 Handset
5 D585,862 Handset
6 7,487,363 System and method for controlled copying and moving of content between devices and domains based on conditional encryption of content key depending on usage
7 7,487,254 Fixed length filtering to filter clusters of discrete segments of data
8 7,487,238 Infection-based monitoring of a party in a communication network
9 7,486,957 Method of performing an area update for a terminal equipment in a communication network
10 7,486,932 Method and system for VoIP over WLAN to bluetooth headset using advanced eSCO scheduling
11 7,486,927 Method and arrangements for wireless communication between a vehicle and a terrestrial communication system
12 7,486,749 Determination of a code phase
13 7,486,739 Transmission method and transmitter
14 7,486,733 Method for performing motion estimation in video encoding, a video encoding system and a video encoding device
15 7,486,671 Data transmission in communication system
16 7,486,640 Signaling mechanism for handover in digital broadcasting
17 7,486,617 Network devices and traffic shaping methods
18 7,486,517 Hand-held portable electronic device having a heat spreader
19 7,486,304 Display device with dynamic color gamut
20 7,486,231 GPS device