Nokia patents granted on 03 February 2015

18 US patents granted on 03 February 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 D722,038 Handset
2 8,949,664 Method and apparatus for providing information consistency in distributed computing environments
3 8,949,447 Optimized interface between two network elements operating under an authentication, authorization and accounting protocol
4 8,948,794 Methods and apparatuses for facilitating provision of a map resource
5 8,948,772 Apparatus and method for requesting uplink radio resources
6 8,948,765 Method and apparatus for maintaining a virtual active set including a closed subscriber group cell
7 8,948,751 Methods and apparatus for radio resource control
8 8,948,725 Communication system and method
9 8,948,347 Method and device for checking the connection of a positive supply voltage to a subscriber access line comprising a plurality of wires
10 8,948,238 Handling complex signal parameters
11 8,948,136 Resource allocation in a communication system
12 8,948,077 Method and apparatus for managing interference handling overhead
13 8,948,072 Method for providing a plurality of services
14 8,948,030 Transmitting node B load status information in a self organising network
15 8,948,012 System and method for interactive session provision
16 8,947,450 Method and system for viewing and enhancing images
17 8,947,420 Processing image content for content motion or touch input
18 8,947,400 Apparatus, methods and computer readable storage mediums for providing a user interface