Nokia patents granted on 03 June 2014

19 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE44,927 Transmission format indication and feedback in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
2 8,745,515 Presentation of large pages on small displays
3 8,745,470 Method and system for data transmission in a data network
4 8,745,121 Method and apparatus for construction and aggregation of distributed computations
5 8,744,458 Signaling mixed resource allocations for D2D communications
6 8,744,388 Dynamic radio data system options
7 8,744,339 Wireless telecommunication system including a base station, relay node and method for global fair scheduling
8 8,744,010 Providing signaling information in an electronic service guide
9 8,743,992 Codebook design and structure for multi-granular feedback
10 8,743,983 Bearing determination using signals transformed into frequency domain
11 8,743,891 Data packet router for a mobile communication device
12 8,743,865 Aggregation of VCI routing tables
13 8,743,825 Handovers in a communication system
14 8,743,799 Change of rate matching modes in presence of channel state information reference signal transmission
15 8,743,770 Support for user equipment multiplexing in relay enhanced networks
16 8,743,765 Power save mechanism for wireless communication devices
17 8,743,760 Method and apparatus utilizing protocols
18 8,743,222 Method and apparatus for cropping and stabilization of video images
19 8,742,842 High efficiency power amplifier architecture for off-peak traffic hours