Nokia patents granted on 03 March 2015

19 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE45,407 Data transmission
2 8,972,582 Method and apparatus enabling reauthentication in a cellular communication system
3 8,972,181 System for interaction of navigation and connectivity programs and personal information management applications
4 8,971,973 Handling user inputs
5 8,971,949 Apparatus, method, system and program for power control or power setting
6 8,971,899 Method for signaling a path to radio stations of a radio communications system
7 8,971,890 Method for handing over a user equipment connected to a base station fro the base station to a femto access point
8 8,971,880 Association level indication to neighboring base stations
9 8,971,822 Inter-cell coordination for feeding relay nodes
10 8,971,798 Establishment of new base station in cellular network
11 8,971,510 Mobile browsing
12 8,971,331 Selection of transmission parameters for wireless connection
13 8,971,262 Apparatuses, system, methods, and computer program products for network control
14 8,971,211 Encapsulation of higher-layer control messages for local area network support into a wide area network protocol
15 8,970,738 Arrangement for macro photography
16 8,970,715 Camera control means to allow operating of a destined location of the information surface of a presentation and information system
17 8,970,483 Method and apparatus for determining input
18 8,970,478 Autostereoscopic rendering and display apparatus
19 8,969,779 Photodetecting structure with photon sensing graphene layer(s) and vertically integrated graphene field effect transistor