Nokia patents granted on 04 January 2011

22 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 D630,201 Combination handset front cover and set of keys
2 D630,200 Handset
3 7,865,602 System, method, and network elements for providing a service such as an advice of charge supplementary service in a communication network
4 7,865,506 Method and system for fetching content from a server in a cellular communication system
5 7,865,492 Semantic visual search engine
6 7,865,208 Method for adjusting the output power for a radio link which uses two different channels, and corresponding radio station
7 7,865,201 HARQ data reception in multiradio device
8 7,865,178 Group communication device and method
9 7,865,167 Digital video broadcast-terrestrial (DVB-T) receiver interoperable with a GSM transmitter in a non-interfering manner
10 7,865,161 File delivery session handling
11 7,865,080 Methods for the optical transmission of polarization multiplex signals
12 7,864,899 Synchronization
13 7,864,884 Signal detection in OFDM system
14 7,864,877 Data transmission in communication system by disabling radiation patterns
15 7,864,868 Method for detecting an octet slip
16 7,864,805 Buffering in streaming delivery
17 7,864,738 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing hybrid ARQ feedback for HSDPA MIMO
18 7,864,737 Method and device for transmitting data via a transmission link
19 7,864,734 Communication system and method to be performed in a communication system
20 7,864,731 Secure distributed handover signaling
21 7,864,724 Enhanced UE out-of-sync behavior with gated uplink DPCCH or gated downlink F-DPCH or DPCCH transmission
22 7,864,117 Wideband or multiband various polarized antenna