Nokia patents granted on 04 March 2014

16 US patents granted on 04 March 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,667,122 Method and apparatus for message routing optimization
2 8,667,062 Method and apparatus for preserving privacy for appointment scheduling
3 8,666,423 Method and device for determining routings and for allocating radio resources for the determined routings in a radio communications system
4 8,666,403 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for facilitating device-to-device connection establishment
5 8,666,317 Frequency band selection
6 8,666,309 System for distributed beamforming for a communication system employing relay nodes
7 8,666,059 Method and device for processing data and to a communication system comprising such device
8 8,665,995 Dual channel transmission
9 8,665,910 Multi-cell channel estimation in 3G-LTE based virtual pilot sequences
10 8,665,830 Methods, apparatuses, related computer program product and data structure for deciding on a signaling scheme for handover
11 8,665,823 Method and entities for inter-domain handover
12 8,665,807 Method and apparatus for providing high bandwidth utilization
13 8,665,800 Uplink allocations for acknowledgement of downlink data
14 8,665,741 Radio frequency communications based on multiple receivers
15 8,665,740 Method and devices for bit rate allocation for point-to-multipoint multimedia communications
16 8,665,692 Method and apparatus providing interference measurement in a coordinated multi-point transmission environment