Nokia patents granted on 04 September 2012

19 US patents granted on 04 September 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE43,631 Mobile communications device with a camera
2 D666,581 Headset device
3 8,261,341 UPnP VPN gateway configuration service
4 8,261,308 Mapping of network information between data link and physical layer
5 8,260,889 Dynamic discovery of quality of service nodes
6 8,260,743 Method for the delivery of area related messages in a mobile communication system
7 8,260,610 VAMOS–DARP receiver switching for mobile receivers
8 8,260,553 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for providing user location information
9 8,260,372 Traffic monitoring for regulating states of a terminal
10 8,260,332 Method, apparatus and computer program product for presenting call related messages to a user
11 8,260,324 Establishing wireless links via orientation
12 8,260,303 Indication of content of message element
13 8,260,296 System and method for proactive, early network switching
14 8,260,286 Method, apparatus and system for testing user equipment functionality
15 8,260,282 Method, device and software for updating data in mobile devices
16 8,260,202 Method for determining a path in a local radio communication
17 8,259,800 Method, device and system for effectively coding and decoding of video data
18 8,259,692 Method providing positioning and navigation inside large buildings
19 8,259,660 Method and node for providing a quality of service support in multihop communication systems