Nokia patents granted on 05 July 2016

19 US patents granted on 05 July 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,386,714 Apparatus for housing an electronic component, a method
2 9,386,625 Update of timing advance without starting discontinuous reception activity timer
3 9,386,612 Method and system for establishing a connection between network elements
4 9,386,601 Activating component carriers in a carrier aggregation
5 9,386,549 Synchronisation in a communication system
6 9,386,483 Method and apparatus for performing handover and re-establishment of connections
7 9,386,434 Method and apparatus for synchronization of devices
8 9,386,412 Event-based assistance data delivery
9 9,386,214 Focusing control method using colour channel analysis
10 9,386,139 Method and apparatus for providing an emotion-based user interface
11 9,386,134 Speaker back cavity
12 9,385,820 VSWR estimation using correlation to suppress external interference
13 9,385,787 Communications via wireless charging
14 9,385,552 Method of detecting charger type and estimating remaining recharging time for mobile devices with USB recharging
15 9,384,400 Method and apparatus for identifying salient events by analyzing salient video segments identified by sensor information
16 9,384,054 Process allocation to applications executing on a mobile device
17 9,383,431 Directional positioning augmented by proximity information
18 9,383,259 Method, apparatus and computer program product for sensing of visible spectrum and near infrared spectrum
19 9,380,979 Apparatus and method of assembling an apparatus for sensing pressure