Nokia patents granted on 06 March 2012

13 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,132,005 Establishment of a trusted relationship between unknown communication parties
2 8,131,550 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing improved voice conversion
3 8,131,321 Vibration motor as a transducer of audio
4 8,131,278 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for application-based communications
5 8,131,272 System and method for generating a list of devices in physical proximity of a terminal
6 8,131,256 Generating and providing access and content charges for different services to a user device in a communication system
7 8,130,741 Method for resource allocation with rectangular bursts
8 8,130,695 Apparatus and an associated method for facilitating communications in a radio communication system that provides for data communications at multiple data rates
9 8,130,689 Method and device for the dynamic setting up and control of temporarily formed communications groups with secure transmission
10 8,130,631 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing synchronization
11 8,130,207 Apparatus, method and computer program product for manipulating a device using dual side input devices
12 8,130,206 Apparatus, method, computer program and user interface for enabling a touch sensitive display
13 8,128,501 Method and device for generating a game directory on an electronic gaming device