Nokia patents granted on 06 May 2008

10 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,369,884 Slide assembly
2 7,369,861 Methods and apparatus for sharing cell coverage information
3 7,369,846 Delivery of mobile station operational and self-performance test results to network in response to encrypted request message
4 7,369,839 Method and apparatus for determining individual or common mobile subscriber number in mobile network for handling multiple subscribers having the same calling line identity
5 7,369,668 Method and system for processing directed sound in an acoustic virtual environment
6 7,369,632 Diversity-mode delay lock loop circuit and associated method for a radio receiver
7 7,369,522 Access context management for macro-level mobility management registration in an access network
8 7,369,521 Power control during retransmission
9 7,369,520 Internet protocol address to packet identifier mapping
10 7,369,498 Congestion control method for a packet-switched network