Nokia patents granted on 06 November 2012

20 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 D670,262 Handset
2 D670,261 Handset
3 8,307,204 Ciphering as a part of the multicast concept
4 8,307,180 Extended utilization area for a memory device
5 8,307,104 Submit report handling in SMSIP
6 8,306,543 Method for providing random access to communication system
7 8,306,432 Optical regenerator and phase error detection unit for an optical regenerator, and method for optical regeneration
8 8,306,423 Method and optical network component for signal processing in an optical network and communication system
9 8,306,233 Transmission of audio signals
10 8,306,199 Accounting in a transit network
11 8,306,194 Method for reducing costs during the transfer of unidirectional information flows
12 8,306,046 Computing device and communications framework
13 8,306,009 Method of selecting suitable frequency bands for data transmission between a network node and a user equipment within a mobile communications network
14 8,305,975 Radio resource allocation information exchange between base stations
15 8,305,974 Method, apparatus and computer program for permutation and subchannelization
16 8,305,968 Solicitation triggers for opening a network link
17 8,305,962 Optimization in heterogeneous networks
18 8,305,957 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing per-UE signaling technique for separately coded users
19 8,305,886 Controlling congestion detection in HSDPA systems
20 8,305,577 Method and apparatus for spectrometry