Nokia patents granted on 06 October 2009

22 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D601,554 Front cover of a handset
2 D601,552 Set of keys for a handset
3 D601,547 Loudspeaker for a headset
4 D601,529 Handset
5 7,600,265 System and method for applying an OMA DRM permission model to JAVA MIDP applications
6 7,600,116 Authentication of messages in a communication system
7 7,600,015 User confirmation in data downloading
8 7,600,009 Circuit-switched and packet-switched communications
9 7,599,697 Method for backup connection and an electronic device using the method
10 7,599,689 System and method for bookmarking radio stations and associated internet addresses
11 7,599,666 Communication system and method using transmit diversity
12 7,599,665 Selection of radio resources in a wireless communication device
13 7,599,664 Mobile equipment based filtering for packet radio service (PRS)
14 7,599,565 Method and device for transform-domain video editing
15 7,599,443 Method and apparatus to balance maximum information rate with quality of service in a MIMO system
16 7,599,384 Method for connection reconfiguration in cellular radio network
17 7,599,374 System and method for establishing an Internet Protocol connection with a terminating network node
18 7,599,352 Method for providing PSTN/ISDN services in next generation networks
19 7,599,345 Method, network elements, a terminal, a network infrastructure, and a communication system for triggering events
20 7,599,294 Identification and re-transmission of missing parts
21 7,598,924 Disconnectable electrical connection
22 7,597,262 Two dimensional (2D) code and code size indication method