Nokia patents granted on 07 February 2017

14 US patents granted on 07 February 2017 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,565,691 Carrier selection in relay systems
2 9,565,690 Medium access control method enhancement
3 9,565,661 Methods and apparatuses for signaling radio bearer transmission in a heterogenous network
4 9,565,647 Method and apparatus for implementing a time-alignment guard timer
5 9,565,609 Method and apparatus for triggering handover between access points based on gathered history data of series of access points
6 9,565,591 Congestion control on a cellular frequency providing broadcast services
7 9,565,567 Method and apparatus to coordinate simultaneous transmission in overlapping wireless networks
8 9,565,549 Method and apparatus for the activation of services
9 9,565,223 Social network interaction
10 9,564,776 Determining presence of a magnet for controlling wireless charging
11 9,563,977 Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating animated images
12 9,563,966 Image control method for defining images for waypoints along a trajectory
13 9,563,621 Search based user interface
14 9,562,970 Proximity detecting apparatus and method based on audio signals