Nokia patents granted on 07 July 2009

18 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE40,825 Method and arrangement for timing the diversity weight changes in a cellular radio system
2 D595,709 Handset front cover
3 D595,708 Front cover for a handset
4 D595,707 Handset
5 D595,691 Loudspeaker for a headset
6 D595,681 Handset
7 D595,680 Handset
8 7,558,882 System for header compression of a plurality of packets associated with a reliable multicast protocol
9 7,558,869 Rate adaptation method and device in multimedia streaming
10 7,558,696 Method and device for position determination
11 7,558,607 Mobile electronic device having audio connector providing an antenna function
12 7,558,594 Flexible cover for a mobile telephone
13 7,558,585 Method of gathering location data of terminals in a communication network
14 7,558,566 Method for informing about the properties of a communication network, a system and a mobile terminal
15 7,558,405 Motion filtering for video stabilization
16 7,558,283 Method, apparatus and computer program product providing quality of service support in a wireless communications system
17 7,558,204 Data flow control for multi-layered protocol stack
18 7,556,204 Electronic apparatus and method for symbol input