Nokia patents granted on 07 October 2014

22 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,856,880 Method for providing subscriptions to packet-switched networks
2 8,856,605 Method for transmitting data to user equipments, communication system, base station and user equipment
3 8,856,449 Method and apparatus for data storage and access
4 8,856,311 System coordinated WLAN scanning
5 8,856,266 Apparatus and associated method for downloading an application with a variable lifetime to a mobile terminal
6 8,856,252 Method and apparatus for locating communities over an ad-hoc mesh network
7 8,856,240 Method, system and computer program to provide support for sporadic resource availability in SIP event environments
8 8,856,226 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for context-based contact information management
9 8,856,049 Audio signal classification by shape parameter estimation for a plurality of audio signal samples
10 8,855,715 Apparatus and method for a removable memory module
11 8,855,697 Method for establishing a push-to-talk communication link
12 8,855,658 Interference avoidance on common channels in uncoordinated network deployments with flexible spectrum use
13 8,855,656 Power consumption reduction within a telecommunication network operating with different radio access technologies
14 8,855,642 Neighbour cell list in a private network
15 8,855,640 Partitioning resources on a target side of a handover of a user equipment based on data traffic indication
16 8,855,548 Wireless communications system and method
17 8,855,253 Error prediction for two-stage receivers
18 8,855,199 Method and device for video coding and decoding
19 8,855,023 Method for SRVCC emergency call support
20 8,854,993 Interoperability interface for modem control
21 8,854,318 Mode switching
22 8,854,296 Electronic device wireless display