Nokia patents granted on 08 April 2014

13 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE44,838 Method for receiving inputs from user of electronic device
2 8,695,082 Method and communication system for accessing a wireless communication network
3 8,695,018 Extensible framework for handling different mark up language parsers and generators in a computing device
4 8,694,916 Method and apparatus for spatially indicating notifications
5 8,694,762 Secure boot with trusted computing group platform registers
6 8,694,320 Audio with sound effect generation for text-only applications
7 8,694,019 Method and devices for facilitating the location of a mobile electronic device
8 8,693,553 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for adaptive synchronized decoding of digital video
9 8,693,445 Reduced transmission time interval
10 8,693,439 Reduced ping pong occurrence during handover
11 8,693,391 Peer to peer services in a wireless communication network
12 8,693,171 Casing assembly
13 8,692,635 Sound generating apparatus