Nokia patents granted on 08 May 2012

14 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE43,370 Communication device with two modes of operation
2 8,176,377 Method for safely transmitting short ACK/NACK bitmaps in ARQ process inside edge compliant systems
3 8,176,184 Method and system providing a messaging service
4 8,176,165 WTA based over the air management (OTAM) method and apparatus
5 8,176,132 Messaging
6 8,176,064 Method, device and system for information based automated selective data handling and provision by identification means
7 8,175,921 Location aware product placement and advertising
8 8,175,610 Apparatus, and an associated method, for facilitating airlink resource management in a radio communication system
9 8,175,293 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for converting sound waves to electrical signals
10 8,175,148 Method and device for indicating quantizer parameters in a video coding system
11 8,175,062 Method and station for transmitting data in a radio communication system
12 8,175,024 Bandwidth allocation for relay networks
13 8,174,994 Selection of a communication interface
14 8,174,979 Method and device for controlling access to a communications network