Nokia patents granted on 09 August 2016

20 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,414,411 Method and apparatus for managing a wireless connection
2 9,414,366 Timeslot allocation in uplink CDMA
3 9,414,353 Apparatus and method for antenna alignment
4 9,414,348 Method and apparatus for determining dynamic access tokens for location-based services
5 9,414,313 Discontinuous reception (DRX) for diverse traffic
6 9,414,272 UE measurements for hot spot detection
7 9,414,249 Providing enhanced CSI coverage by reporting the same measure in multiple sub-frames
8 9,414,223 Security solution for integrating a WiFi radio interface in LTE access network
9 9,414,183 Method and apparatus for providing group context sensing and inference
10 9,413,866 Intelligent phone book
11 9,413,861 Metallization and anodization of plastic and conductive parts of the body of an apparatus
12 9,413,763 Coordination between self-organizing networks
13 9,413,702 Method and apparatus for distributing published messages
14 9,413,417 Apparatus for improving receiver sensitivity in a communication system
15 9,413,032 Mixture, a slurry for an electrode, a battery electrode, a battery and associated methods
16 9,412,175 Method, apparatus and computer program product for image segmentation
17 9,412,021 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission of data based on gaze interaction
18 9,411,952 Method for authentication
19 9,411,896 Systems and methods for spatial thumbnails and companion maps for media objects
20 9,411,474 Shield electrode overlying portions of capacitive sensor electrodes