Nokia patents granted on 09 July 2013

21 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE44,358 Subscriber registrations in a mobile communication system
2 8,484,466 System and method for establishing bearer-independent and secure connections
3 8,484,394 USB device election of becoming a host after receiving information about device capability of the host
4 8,483,781 Cover translucent to backlighting and opaque in exterior ambient lighting
5 8,483,712 Displaying network objects in mobile devices based on geolocation
6 8,483,678 Network optimisation
7 8,483,658 Method and arrangement for reporting credit/charging information to a mobile communication station
8 8,483,629 Determination of coupling between radio devices
9 8,483,335 Hybrid receiver with algorithmic combining and method
10 8,483,311 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing a data encoding/decoding scheme
11 8,483,309 Method, arrangement and device for transmitting information between a central unit and at least one decentralized unit in a communication network
12 8,483,185 Data transmission method, and system
13 8,483,163 Method of locating NAS context
14 8,483,160 Flexible map coding for wireless networks
15 8,483,156 Feedback for inter-radio access technology carrier aggregation
16 8,483,149 Resource allocation technique for physical uplink control channel blanking
17 8,483,143 Reconfiguration of fractional dedicated channel slot format
18 8,483,141 Expanded signalling capability for network element, user equipment and system
19 8,483,133 Method and apparatus for multiplexing different traffic types over a common communication session
20 8,483,123 QoS request and information distribution for wireless relay networks
21 8,482,390 Remote control of apparatus with media player