Nokia patents granted on 09 June 2009

20 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D594,003 Set of keys for a handset
2 D594,002 Handsfree speakerphone
3 D593,996 Front cover for a headset
4 D593,983 Handset
5 D593,982 Handset
6 7,546,508 Codec-assisted capacity enhancement of wireless VoIP
7 7,546,366 Data collection in a computer cluster
8 7,546,152 Portable swivel-fold electronic device with offset swivel
9 7,546,145 Method, network node and system for managing interfaces in a distributed radio access network
10 7,546,105 Interference rejection in radio receiver
11 7,546,034 Circuit arrangement for line protection of optical data transmission
12 7,545,941 Method of initializing and using a security association for middleware based on physical proximity
13 7,545,875 System and method for space-time-frequency coding in a multi-antenna transmission system
14 7,545,814 Method and system for dynamic remapping of packets for a router
15 7,545,774 Method for indicating power consumption in a packet switched communication system
16 7,545,768 Utilizing generic authentication architecture for mobile internet protocol key distribution
17 7,545,753 System, method and computer program product for providing quality of service during remote access to a plug-and-play network
18 7,545,439 Value added digital video receiver
19 7,545,271 RFID authorization of content to an electronic device
20 7,543,996 Calibration