Nokia patents granted on 09 June 2015

22 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,055,540 Method for calculating a transmit power for a user equipment
2 9,055,518 Resource sharing in communications systems
3 9,055,512 Methods and apparatus for secondary bandwidth detection and allocation
4 9,055,435 Method and apparatus for security mechanism for proximity-based access requests
5 9,055,425 Method and apparatus for enhancing emergency calling with mobile devices
6 9,055,404 Apparatus and method for detecting proximate devices
7 9,055,381 Multi-way analysis for audio processing
8 9,055,371 Controllable playback system offering hierarchical playback options
9 9,055,338 System and method for video encoding and decoding
10 9,055,327 Systems, devices, and methods for managing changes to data
11 9,055,142 Apparatus and method for use in assembly of a portable apparatus
12 9,055,105 Method and apparatus for engaging in a service or activity using an ad-hoc mesh network
13 9,055,020 Method and apparatus for sharing user information
14 9,054,869 System and method for improving reordering functionality in radio communications
15 9,054,856 Processing samples of a received RF signal
16 9,054,843 Search space arrangement for control channel
17 9,054,652 Using fractional delay computations to improve intermodulation performance
18 9,053,103 Method and apparatus for interacting with a plurality of media files
19 9,052,874 Handheld device with a user interface
20 9,052,376 Indoor positioning method, apparatus and system
21 9,052,208 Method and apparatus for sensing based on route bias
22 9,051,493 Method and apparatus for joining together multiple functional layers of a flexible display