Nokia patents granted on 10 February 2009

25 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D586,342 Front cover for a handset
2 D586,341 Set of key buttons for a handset
3 D586,340 Set of buttons for a handset
4 D586,334 Front cover portion of a headset
5 D586,319 Handset
6 D586,318 Handset
7 D586,317 Handset
8 D586,316 Handset
9 D586,315 Handset
10 D586,314 Handset
11 D586,313 Handset
12 7,490,341 System and associated terminal, method and computer program product for directional channel browsing of broadcast content
13 7,490,161 Method and system for implementing OSPF redundancy
14 7,490,041 System to allow the selection of alternative letters in handwriting recognition systems
15 7,489,938 Apparatus and method for providing location information
16 7,489,903 Method and system for exchanging the capacity reports in a radio access network
17 7,489,856 Electrical device for automatically adjusting operating speed of a tool
18 7,489,772 Network entity, method and computer program product for effectuating a conference session
19 7,489,736 Block modulation
20 7,489,734 Equalization in radio receiver
21 7,489,696 Method and system for implementing a signalling connection in a distributed radio access network
22 7,489,691 Scheduling retransmission in access networks
23 7,489,657 Determination and use of adaptive thresholds for received messages
24 7,489,632 Simple admission control for IP based networks
25 7,489,503 Foldable electronic device