Nokia patents granted on 10 July 2012

12 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,220,004 Method, apparatus and computer program product for sharing resources via an interprocess communication
2 8,219,682 Automatic detection of agents
3 8,219,664 Defining nodes in device management system
4 8,219,621 Method and device for handling push type e-mails for a mobile terminal device according to a user profile
5 8,219,403 Device and method for the creation of a voice browser functionality
6 8,219,309 Method and apparatus for a navigational graphical user interface
7 8,219,149 Mobile communication terminal
8 8,218,559 Providing best effort services via a digital broadcast network using data encapsulation
9 8,218,545 Implementing multicasting
10 8,218,535 Method and device for attaching a user equipment to a telecommunication network
11 8,218,421 Data transmission in a mobile communication system apparatus, system and method
12 8,217,964 Information presentation based on display screen orientation