Nokia patents granted on 10 June 2014

14 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,751,838 Method, apparatus and computer program product for presentation of information in a low power mode
2 8,751,721 Method and apparatus for configuring electronic devices to perform selectable predefined functions using device drivers
3 8,751,652 Service specific subscriber priority
4 8,751,451 Method and apparatus for facilitating switching between devices
5 8,751,243 Dynamic context-sensitive translation dictionary for mobile phones
6 8,750,886 Apparatus and method for dynamic resolution of secondary communication system resources
7 8,750,867 Managing subscriber information
8 8,750,845 Method and apparatus for providing tiles of dynamic content
9 8,750,803 Interference cancellation for predictive signals
10 8,750,480 Mobile browsing
11 8,750,224 Preconfigured short scheduling request cycle
12 8,750,160 Method for neighbor set selection for handover in a home access environment
13 8,749,573 Method and apparatus for providing input through an apparatus configured to provide for display of an image
14 8,749,349 Method apparatus and computer program