Nokia patents granted on 11 January 2011

18 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 D630,609 Handset
2 D630,608 Handset
3 7,870,601 Attachment solution for multi-access environments
4 7,870,377 Automatic electronic-service-guide selection
5 7,870,319 Communication interface for an electronic device
6 7,870,269 Method and system for activating a packet data subscriber context for packet data
7 7,870,262 Method and element for service control
8 7,870,196 System and methods for using an application layer control protocol transporting spatial location information pertaining to devices connected to wired and wireless internet protocol networks
9 7,869,837 System and method for implementing mobile IP node lossless transition from an idle state to an awake state
10 7,869,826 Method and apparatus for relating communications system identifications (SIDS)
11 7,869,813 Position detection with frequency smoothing
12 7,869,811 Determination of a relative position of a satellite signal receiver
13 7,869,787 Charging for an IP based communication system
14 7,869,589 Piezoelectric user interface
15 7,869,423 System and method for extending neighboring cell search window
16 7,868,762 Wireless association
17 7,868,757 Method for the monitoring of sleep using an electronic device
18 7,868,737 System and method for supporting multiple reader-tag configurations using multi-mode radio frequency tag