Nokia patents granted on 11 November 2014

15 US patents granted on 11 November 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE45,239 Charging in communication networks
2 D717,285 Handset
3 D717,270 Music player
4 D717,263 Handset
5 8,886,782 Method and apparatus for binding devices into one or more groups
6 8,886,763 Method and apparatus for providing interoperability between devices
7 8,886,702 Hardware triggering in a management system
8 8,886,253 Method to control a multiradio RF platform
9 8,886,177 Measurement reporting of inter-rat cells of more than one rat in GERAN
10 8,886,135 Apparatus, methods, computer programs and computer readable storage mediums for wireless communications
11 8,885,611 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing uplink gain factor for high speed uplink packet access
12 8,885,599 Handover of circuit-switched call to packet-switched call, and vice versa
13 8,885,554 Method and apparatus for cognitive radio coexistence
14 8,885,507 Method, apparatus and computer program product for allocating resources in wireless communication network
15 8,884,688 Higher-order load circuit