Nokia patents granted on 11 October 2011

15 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,037,522 Security level establishment under generic bootstrapping architecture
2 8,037,519 Apparatus and method for managing access to one or more network resources
3 8,037,078 Corpus clustering, confidence refinement, and ranking for geographic text search and information retrieval
4 8,036,718 Power management profile on a mobile device
5 8,036,691 Method for data transmission in a radio communication system as well as radio station and radio communications system
6 8,036,637 Billing in a packet data network
7 8,036,619 Oscillator having controllable bias modes and power consumption
8 8,036,273 Method for sub-pixel value interpolation
9 8,036,197 Signalling
10 8,036,166 Signaling of implicit ACK/NACK resources
11 8,036,133 Efficient techniques for error detection and authentication in wireless networks
12 8,036,111 Connection set-up in a communication system
13 8,036,107 Limiting traffic in communications systems
14 8,035,689 Camera unit and method for controlling an image sensor in a camera unit
15 8,035,535 Apparatus and method providing transformation for human touch force measurements