Nokia patents granted on 12 April 2016

23 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,313,801 Resource setting control for transmission using contention based resources
2 9,313,800 Method and apparatus for optimizing energy consumption for wireless connectivity
3 9,313,792 Wireless multi-site capacity coordination
4 9,313,745 Apparatus and an associated method for facilitating communications in a radio communication system that provides for data communications at multiple data rates
5 9,313,710 Wireless base station apparatus and communication control method
6 9,313,702 Adaptation of mobility parameters based on user equipment measurement availability
7 9,313,670 Method and apparatus for facilitating controlled updating of a neighbor list
8 9,313,655 Location privacy in communication networks
9 9,313,617 Identification of points of interest and positioning based on points of interest
10 9,313,599 Apparatus and method for multi-channel signal playback
11 9,313,598 Method and apparatus for stereo to five channel upmix
12 9,313,567 Apparatus and method for sound reproduction
13 9,313,539 Method and apparatus for providing embedding of local identifiers
14 9,313,322 Method and apparatus for incrementally determining location context
15 9,313,309 Access to contacts
16 9,313,106 Method and apparatus for populating ad landing spots
17 9,313,089 Operating network entities in a communications system comprising a management network with agent and management levels
18 9,313,006 Methods and apparatus for resource element mapping
19 9,312,946 Gateway functionality for mobile relay system
20 9,311,925 Method, apparatus and computer program for processing multi-channel signals
21 9,311,792 Wearable electronic device
22 9,310,963 Unlocking a touch screen device
23 9,310,685 Method and apparatus for the formation of conductive films on a substrate