Nokia patents granted on 12 August 2014

23 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,806,596 Authentication to an identity provider
2 8,806,326 User preference based content linking
3 8,805,954 Method and apparatus for providing media mixing with reduced uploading
4 8,805,517 Apparatus for providing nerve stimulation and related methods
5 8,805,387 Method and apparatus to control scheduling
6 8,805,369 Techniques for reporting and simultaneous transmission mechanism to improve reliability of signaling
7 8,805,361 Method for self-provisioning of subscriber data in the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS)
8 8,805,288 Reporting and use of user equipment measurement event confidence level
9 8,805,276 Method, system, relay station and base station for transmitting data mobile communication
10 8,805,158 Video viewing angle selection
11 8,805,103 Device and method for processing digital images captured by a binary image sensor
12 8,804,957 Authentication key generation arrangement
13 8,804,748 Hitless node insertion for Ethernet networks
14 8,804,737 Encoding watermarks in a sequence of sent packets, the encoding useful for uniquely identifying an entity in encrypted networks
15 8,804,712 Determining target access routers for handover
16 8,804,678 Method, apparatus and computer program for handling hybrid automatic repeat request failure
17 8,804,674 Structure for OTA ENB-ENB communication
18 8,804,589 Adaptive awake window
19 8,803,734 Preference lists for assistance data requests in global navigation satellite systems
20 8,803,697 Detecting movement for determining characteristics of user notification
21 8,803,661 Method and apparatus for contention resolution of passive endpoints
22 8,803,636 Apparatus and associated methods
23 8,803,071 Housing for an optical sensor with micro-windows and a light valve to prevent reflected light from escaping