Nokia patents granted on 12 November 2013

19 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE44,592 Address acquisition
2 D693,335 Handset
3 D693,324 Handset
4 8,584,208 Method and apparatus for providing a context resource description language and framework for supporting the same
5 8,584,118 Terminal, method and computer program product for validating a software application
6 8,583,997 Method and device for padding optimization of segmented turbo codes
7 8,583,706 Method, functional arrangement and software means for searching and processing information with user interface of a terminal in which an address field and virtual function keys are modified to correspond to an invoked service through data input to a browser address field, and cellular network terminal employing the method
8 8,583,182 Dynamic cell configuration employing distributed antenna system for advanced cellular networks
9 8,583,148 Method and apparatus for suggesting a message segment based on a contextual characteristic in order to draft a message
10 8,583,139 Context diary application for a mobile terminal
11 8,583,090 Transferring task completion to another device
12 8,582,979 Method and arrangement for transmitting an optical OFDM-signal
13 8,582,762 Method for producing key material for use in communication with network
14 8,582,593 Multicast transmission within a hybrid direct and cellular communication system
15 8,582,436 Resource allocation during silence period for a wireless network
16 8,581,851 Method and device for character input having a base character component and a supplemental character component
17 8,581,698 Method, apparatus and computer program product for facilitating location discovery
18 8,581,672 Frequency synthesis
19 8,580,415 Method and apparatus for an electrical interface