Nokia patents granted on 13 December 2016

17 US patents granted on 13 December 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,521,683 Device to device communications
2 9,521,681 Spectrum sharing
3 9,521,656 Method and apparatus for using radio channels
4 9,521,595 Compressed mode on per frequency band basis
5 9,521,571 Method and apparatus of switching communications from a first channel to a second channel of higher-frequency
6 9,521,505 Mobile telephone for internet applications
7 9,521,315 Apparatus and method for forming new images by determining stylistic settings of existing images
8 9,521,020 Data packet processing for estimation of a direction towards a transmitter
9 9,521,005 Access network selection
10 9,520,996 Ciphering data for transmission in a network
11 9,520,981 Method and apparatus for providing automatic control channel mapping
12 9,519,956 Processing stereo images
13 9,519,857 Apparatus and method for sensing characterizing features of a deformable structure
14 9,519,506 Method and apparatus for enabling remote service task based access to functionality provided by one or more remote services
15 9,519,418 Method and apparatus for providing a multi-stage device transition mechanism initiated based on a touch gesture
16 9,519,312 Apparatus comprising a variable number of parts which may be paired in multiple configurations to form a user interface
17 9,519,042 Periodic assistance data flow control