Nokia patents granted on 13 November 2012

13 US patents granted on 13 November 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,312,373 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for affecting an arrangement of selectable items
2 8,311,564 Guard band utilization in multi-carrier mode for wireless networks
3 8,311,539 Establishment of a connection in radio communication systems
4 8,311,531 Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for automatically saving information associated with one or more unknown contacts
5 8,311,511 Data privacy on wireless communication terminal
6 8,311,021 Method, system and computer program product for providing session initiation/delivery through a WLAN to a terminal
7 8,311,000 Method for maintaining synchronisation in a radio communications system
8 8,310,991 Method, apparatus and computer program for controlling coexistence between wireless networks
9 8,310,961 Techniques for link utilization for half-duplex and full-duplex stations in a wireless network
10 8,310,459 Touch detection
11 8,310,396 Assisted satellite signal based positioning
12 8,309,242 Battery cell
13 8,308,065 Terminal, method and computer program product for interacting with a signaling tag