Nokia patents granted on 14 June 2016

14 US patents granted on 14 June 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,369,959 Wirelessly transferring data to a packaged electronic device
2 9,369,915 Inter-system interference in communications
3 9,369,849 Three-dimensional beamforming in a mobile communications network
4 9,369,821 Apparatus and associated method for downloading an application with a variable lifetime to a mobile terminal
5 9,369,787 Shielded audio apparatus
6 9,369,538 Roaming queries prior to association/authentication
7 9,369,498 Message-based conveyance of load control information
8 9,369,008 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for powering electronic devices
9 9,368,018 Controlling a user alert based on detection of bio-signals and a determination whether the bio-signals pass a significance test
10 9,367,939 Relevance based visual media item modification
11 9,367,938 Method and apparatus for automated real-time detection of overlapping painted markup elements
12 9,367,150 Apparatus and associated methods
13 9,366,708 Apparatus comprising a flexible substrate and a component supported by the flexible substrate
14 9,364,861 Tube-shaped part and an associated method of manufacture