Nokia patents granted on 15 April 2008

18 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 D566,700 Set of key buttons for a handset
2 D566,699 Combination of key buttons for a handset
3 D566,692 Headset
4 7,359,989 Addressing in wireless local area networks
5 7,359,892 Method and apparatus providing database inquiry services by dynamically creating intelligent links for refining a search
6 7,359,734 Compensating for radiation pattern in radio system, and radio system
7 7,359,724 Method and system for location based group formation
8 7,359,708 Hard handover method, controller and communication system
9 7,359,674 Content distribution & communication system for enhancing service distribution in short range radio environment
10 7,359,445 System, method and computer program product for demodulating quadrature amplitude modulated signals based upon a speed of a receiver
11 7,359,429 Support of the determination of a correlation
12 7,359,403 Data segmentation method in a telecommunications system
13 7,359,375 Method and apparatus for obtaining data information
14 7,359,373 System, apparatus, and method for establishing circuit-switched communications via packet-switched network signaling
15 7,359,361 Techniques for stream handling in wireless communications networks
16 7,359,347 Connections in a communication system
17 7,358,899 Distance estimation in a communication system
18 7,358,870 Huffman coding and decoding based upon sectioning of a Huffman coding tree