Nokia patents granted on 15 June 2010

28 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D617,798 Stylus
2 D617,783 Set of key buttons for a handset
3 D617,780 Earpiece for a headset
4 D617,779 Headset
5 D617,770 Headset
6 D617,765 Handset front cover
7 D617,764 Handset
8 D617,763 Handset
9 D617,761 Handset
10 D617,759 Handset
11 D617,755 Handset
12 D617,752 Handset
13 7,739,542 Process for detecting the availability of redundant communication system components
14 7,739,487 Method for booting a host device from an MMC/SD device, a host device bootable from an MMC/SD device and an MMC/SD device method a host device may booted from
15 7,739,407 Systems for customizing behaviors and interfaces in service invocations
16 7,739,271 System and method for providing media samples on-line in response to media related searches on the internet
17 7,739,120 Selection of coding models for encoding an audio signal
18 7,738,925 Adaptive multi-beamforming systems and methods for communication systems
19 7,738,914 Method and device for adapting the configuration of an application of a mobile terminal to an accessible data connection
20 7,738,891 System, apparatus, and method for dynamically configuring application access point settings
21 7,738,885 Location services interworking with intelligent network
22 7,738,880 Provision of location service apparatus
23 7,738,863 IP datacasting middleware
24 7,738,846 Shared scanning in distributed networks
25 7,738,412 Power change estimation for communication system
26 7,738,411 Arrangement for communicating information
27 7,738,409 System and method for wireless communications
28 7,738,370 Method, network element and modules therefore, and computer program for use in prioritizing a plurality of queuing entities