Nokia patents granted on 15 May 2012

10 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,181,095 System and method for improving signaling channel robustness
2 8,180,904 Data routing and management with routing path selectivity
3 8,180,401 Method and apparatus for providing a card application toolkit command for reporting terminal environmental information
4 8,180,376 Mobile analytics tracking and reporting
5 8,180,359 Data transmission method, system, base station and subscriber station, a data processing unit, computer program product, computer program distribution medium and baseband module
6 8,180,342 System, method and computer program product for delivering a service guide of a first broadcast/multicast system as a program of a second broadcast/multicast system
7 8,180,062 Spatial sound zooming
8 8,179,999 Decoding of blocks in radio communications
9 8,179,772 Data storage medium and method for scanning a storage medium
10 8,179,457 Gradient color filters for sub-diffraction limit sensors