Nokia patents granted on 15 September 2009

18 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D600,238 Front cover for a handset
2 D600,236 Headset
3 D600,230 Handset
4 D600,229 Handset
5 7,591,017 Apparatus, and method for implementing remote client integrity verification
6 7,590,922 Point-to-point repair request mechanism for point-to-multipoint transmission systems
7 7,590,828 Processing a data word in a plurality of processing cycles
8 7,590,742 IP address management
9 7,590,678 Sharing network information
10 7,590,629 Method and network device for synchronization of database data routed through a router
11 7,590,596 Charging system and method for handling services within this system and entities thereof
12 7,590,407 Method and device for carrying out security procedures involving mobile stations in hybrid cellular telecommunication systems
13 7,590,225 Method for addressing billing in a message service, messaging service system, server and terminal
14 7,590,097 Device detection and service discovery system and method for a mobile ad hoc communications network
15 7,590,086 Ad hoc network discovery menu
16 7,589,858 Image processing apparatus and method, image output unit, as well as digital camera and portable terminal using the image processing apparatus and output unit
17 7,589,726 Service/device indication with graphical interface
18 7,589,590 Circuit architecture having differential processing for use in half bridges and full bridges and methods therefore