Nokia patents granted on 15 September 2015

22 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,137,832 Apparatus and method for selection of a gateway of a local area network
2 9,137,807 Method and device for data processing in a wireless network
3 9,137,801 Method and apparatus for determination of additional maximum power reduction table based on control channel location indices
4 9,137,760 Other-cell interference-based uplink control
5 9,137,714 Method and apparatus
6 9,137,711 Method and apparatus for implementing a wait period for single radio continuity transfers
7 9,137,677 Device and method for QoS based cell capacity dimensioning
8 9,137,662 Method and apparatus for access credential provisioning
9 9,137,592 Speaker suspension
10 9,137,279 Method for transporting multimedia information and device for processing multimedia information
11 9,137,229 Method and apparatus for a multi-party CAPTCHA
12 9,137,058 Data packet processing for estimation of a direction towards a transmitter
13 9,136,998 Optimized uplink control signaling for extended bandwidth
14 9,136,995 Codebook partitioning for enabling elevation-eICIC
15 9,136,868 Methods and apparatus for an improved analog to digital converter
16 9,136,825 Method and device for implementing tracking filters and RF front end of software defined radios
17 9,136,815 Methods and apparatuses for implementing variable bandwidth RF tracking filters for reconfigurable multi-standard radios
18 9,135,927 Methods and apparatus for audio processing
19 9,135,664 Method and apparatus for granting rights for content on a network service
20 9,135,626 Advertising middleware
21 9,135,415 Controlling access
22 9,135,236 Method and arrangement for obtaining an electronic mail service