Nokia patents granted on 16 August 2016

27 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,420,582 Configuration of random access preamble
2 9,420,564 Apparatus and method for dynamic communication resource allocation for device to-device communications in a wireless communication system
3 9,420,544 Method and apparatus for determining transmission power
4 9,420,533 Discontinuous reception
5 9,420,501 Method and apparatus for handover in heterogeneous system
6 9,420,485 Frame structure and signaling arrangement for interference aware scheduling
7 9,420,466 Method and apparatus for secure element management
8 9,420,443 Cleanup of LAU-less circuit switched fallback emergency call
9 9,420,402 Mobile telephone for internet applications
10 9,420,375 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for categorical spatial analysis-synthesis on spectrum of multichannel audio signals
11 9,420,222 Automatic image deletion
12 9,420,166 Method and apparatus for enhanced automatic adjustment of focus, exposure and white balance in digital photography
13 9,420,021 Media device and method of enhancing use of media device
14 9,419,836 Apparatus, methods, and computer program products providing an indication of cyclic prefix length
15 9,419,753 Support of UL ACK/NACK feedback for carrier aggregation during timing uncertainty component carrier (re-) configuration/activation/de-activation period
16 9,419,452 Charging connector overheat detection and protection apparatus
17 9,418,662 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing compound models for speech recognition adaptation
18 9,418,643 Audio signal analysis
19 9,418,446 Method and apparatus for determining a building location based on a building image
20 9,418,346 Method and apparatus for providing a drawer-based user interface for content access or recommendation
21 9,418,212 Memory access control
22 9,417,975 Failover functionality for client-related security association
23 9,417,742 Touch sensitive display
24 9,417,740 Capacitive sensing apparatus with a shield electrode
25 9,417,691 Method and apparatus for ad-hoc peer-to-peer augmented reality environment
26 9,417,690 Method and apparatus for providing input through an apparatus configured to provide for display of an image
27 9,414,746 Eye tracking