Nokia patents granted on 16 February 2016

12 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,265,080 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for multi-device output mode configuration
2 9,265,058 Systems and techniques for muting management in multi-cell coordination
3 9,265,021 Minimal access transfer control function requirements for single radio voice call continuity handover
4 9,264,957 Key derivation during inter-network handover
5 9,264,684 Colour balance processor
6 9,264,630 Method and apparatus for creating exposure effects using an optical image stabilizing device
7 9,264,411 Methods, apparatuses and computer program product for user equipment authorization based on matching network access technology specific identification information
8 9,264,166 Method and device for processing data and communication system comprising such device
9 9,263,789 Antenna apparatus and methods
10 9,262,645 Method and apparatus for privacy policy management
11 9,262,120 Audio service graphical user interface
12 9,262,041 Methods and apparatus for determining a selection region