Nokia patents granted on 17 April 2012

19 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 D657,765 Handset
2 8,161,481 Operating system providing a mutual exclusion mechanism
3 8,161,295 Storing of data in a device
4 8,161,158 Method in a communication system, a communication system and a communication device
5 8,161,135 Device identification number based name service
6 8,160,961 Charging for prepaid subscribers in a telecommunications system
7 8,160,663 Method and apparatus concerning sliding parts
8 8,160,647 Filter system for use in co-site and control method thereof
9 8,160,630 Method and arrangement for controlling transmission power and a network element
10 8,160,617 Apparatus and method for use in location determination
11 8,160,519 Compensating for variations in the response of a power supply
12 8,160,411 Device for expanding an exit pupil in two dimensions
13 8,160,084 Method for time-stamping messages
14 8,160,040 Scheduling of measurement occasions of a mobile terminal
15 8,160,014 Configuration of multi-periodicity semi-persistent scheduling for time division duplex operation in a packet-based wireless communication system
16 8,159,982 Method, system and network entity for providing digital broadband transmission
17 8,159,980 PS network with CS service enabling functionality
18 8,159,832 Electromagnetic band gap structures and method for making same
19 8,158,900 Apparatus and method concerning modular keypad assembly