Nokia patents granted on 17 February 2009

23 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D586,794 Set of keys for a handset
2 D586,784 Loudspeaker
3 D586,775 Handset
4 D586,774 Handset
5 7,493,651 Remotely granting access to a smart environment
6 7,493,644 Method, apparatus, and system for video fast forward functionality in a mobile phone
7 7,493,623 System and method for identifying applications targeted for message receipt in devices utilizing message queues
8 7,493,393 Apparatus and method for security management in wireless IP networks
9 7,493,377 Method and apparatus to manage a configuration of clustered computers according to deployment date structures
10 7,493,373 Providing service distribution between distributed applications
11 7,493,291 System and method for locally sharing subscription of multimedia content
12 7,493,255 Generating LSF vectors
13 7,493,082 Methods, apparatus and computer program instructions for enhancing service discovery at a mobile terminal
14 7,493,030 Adaptive optical plane formation with rolling shutter
15 7,492,958 Digital imaging with autofocus
16 7,492,891 Mobile electronic device having relocatable display element
17 7,492,844 Data processing method, equalizer and receiver
18 7,492,837 Parameter estimation for adaptive antenna system
19 7,492,815 Reduced parallel and pipelined high-order MIMO LMMSE receiver architecture
20 7,492,809 Blind speech user interference cancellation (SUIC) for high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA)
21 7,492,777 Device detection and service discovery system and method for a mobile ad hoc communications network
22 7,492,740 Method of adjusting the capacity of a cell
23 7,490,772 Code reader