Nokia patents granted on 17 January 2017

15 US patents granted on 17 January 2017 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,549,364 Method and apparatus for providing optimized privacy in cognitive radio information sharing
2 9,549,352 User equipment mobility information
3 9,549,350 Methods and apparatus for handover management
4 9,549,341 Method and network element for traffic flow treatment in a core network of a communication network
5 9,549,252 Microphone apparatus and method for removing unwanted sounds
6 9,549,129 Method and apparatus for obtaining image
7 9,549,076 Method for lawful interception during call forwarding in a packet-oriented telecommunications network
8 9,549,059 Offering menu items to a user
9 9,548,977 System, method, and apparatus for performing reliable network, capability, and service discovery
10 9,548,850 Assignment of component carriers
11 9,548,838 Hybrid automatic repeat request in communications
12 9,547,759 Method and apparatus for managing user provided access tokens
13 9,547,573 Serial communication over communication control pin
14 9,547,538 Sending of map interaction data to a program
15 9,547,364 Method and apparatuses for determining a user attention level using facial orientation detection